Friday, June 23, 2006


My house usually exists just above organized chaos, somewhere in the realm of "not gross", and "where did I put that?" But in the summertime, we seem to dip even below our normal standard.

My mother has very strict and outspoken opinions about my level of organization, which caused an earthshattering blowout between us a few months ago.

It was bad enough that I thought our relationship might actually be "over".

But mothers and daughters are funny that way. It seems no matter how much you emotionally beat up on each other, the band still binds.

Yesterday, she dropped in for a visit - unannounced, unplanned. And although there was no mistaking our household disorder, she said not a word, showed no disdain, made not a single non-verbal comment.



Blogger Dawno said...

Teddy is right!

Just adding new blogs to my AW Blogroll and thought I'd visit them, glad I came by, it's a lovely blog. Thanks for being a part of our AW Blogger community, Liv.


1:49 AM  
Blogger Liv's Life said...

Thanks for your comment, Dawno! Teddy's great, isn't he??

7:10 AM  

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